Not Content With Your Content?

Maybe you don’t need an editor. In fact, maybe you aren’t even a writer, but somehow they saddled you with the task of composing a letter to a valued customer, issuing a press release on the biggest day in your company’s history, or announcing a new policy to the entire student body. What you really need is a finished product—and your deadline is yesterday.

Paragraphperfect has some good news. I create content that varies in style, tone, subject, depth, and length. Today I can provide a full-length story, a press release, ad copy, a succinct artist biography, or just the first few lines on the home page of your web site. I can maintain—or create—any particular voice, attitude, or point of view, depending on the audience you wish to reach. No task too large; no detail too small.

Proof is in the pudding, of course (that’s a cliché I use strictly to see if clients are paying attention). Therefore, in pages titled David Pelfrey Story Archives, you can read articles by me.