Paragraphperfect is a consulting service specializing in editing and content creation.

My name is David Pelfrey. Having been a writer for going on two decades, I acknowledge and celebrate the fact that my good name, credibility, and career were often rescued from disaster by an alert editor. On still more occasions, an editor simply elevated a single line of text from average to good, or from good to exceptional. After working as an editor myself since 2000, I can guarantee that Paragraphperfect will do the same for you.

Paragraphperfect can save your life. If that sounds like an exaggeration, consider the possible fate of a client who was about to send a letter to Santa, but began his letter with “Dear Satan.” SpellCheck didn’t rescue him; I did.

That joke probably reveals that editing is not a humor-rich endeavor. That’s actually the point. Writers rarely need rescuing from misspellings, syntactical errors, or a terrible first draft. They need to be rescued from their “final” ¬†draft. We have all learned the hard way that it’s usually the “correct” and fully-approved news story, tweet, blog entry, artist bio, press release, corporate mission statement, or any other single paragraph that requires the keenest and most objective eye.

It is the great paradox of the information/social media era; the more often we communicate, the less often we communicate well.

Paragraphperfect offers solutions to that problem. Send me your last draft and I will make it final.